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Dainty Butterfly w/Engraved Letter Necklace

Dainty Butterfly w/Engraved Letter Necklace

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Product information:

Style: exotic
Material: stainless steel
Processing technology: 14K gold plating
Type: necklace
Style: women
Shape: butterfly
Color: Letter A (NK9049-A-04), Letter B (NK9049-B-04), Letter C (NK9049-C-04), Letter D (NK9049-D-04), Letter E (NK9049-E-04 ), letter F (NK9049-F-04), letter G (NK9049-G-04), letter H (NK9049-H-04), letter I (NK9049-I-04), letter J (NK9049-J-04 ), letter K (NK9049-K-04), letter L (NK9049-L-04), letter M (NK9049-M-04), letter N (NK9049-N-04), letter O (NK9049-O-04 ), letter P (NK9049-P-04), letter Q (NK9049-Q-04), letter R (NK9049-R-04), letter S (NK9049-S-04), letter T (NK9049-T-04 ), letter U (NK9049-U-04), letter V (NK9049-V-04), letter W (NK9049-W-04), letter X (NK9049-X-04), letter Y (NK9049-Y-04) ), the letter Z (NK9049-Z-04)
Size: chain length 38+cm (manual measurement, there are errors)



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